Departure 285

by markus | Playlists

  1. Psychomorph (We Feel Naked) (Cold In May Remix) by Purple Fog Side from Heal Australia
  2. Nothing Left by Stellarscope from Heal Australia
  3. Excites Me by Life from A Picture Of Good Health
  4. You Got Me Modernized by Kitty Kat Fan Club from Dreamy Little You
  5. I Celebrate My Fantasy by The Homesick from The Big Exercise
  6. Things Still Left to Say by Mal Blum
  7. The Static Age by Wolf Parade from Thin Mind
  8. Vile by Voiid from Drool
  9. Home Shopping by StrangeJuice from Raising Cannibals
  10. Eileen by Cagework from Cagework EP
  11. Here It Comes Again by Sports Team
  12. Cool In A Coma by BEATASTIC from Diffraction EP
  13. Vultures by Mayflower Madame from Prepared for a Nightmare
  14. Reciprocate – Klammer Radio Session by Klammer from Radio Session
  15. IUD by Lisa Prank from Perfect Love Song
  16. Good God Regina It’s a Bomb by Mating Ritual from Hot Content
  17. Kid by Meija from So Long, Kid EP