Departure 288

by markus | Playlists

  1. The Ryder by HOLY from Ryder
  2. The Process by Chastity Belt
  3. Someone Like You by Dentist
  4. Fear Of Missing Out by How To Loot Brazil from Hell Is Other People
  5. Keeping Dry by Allah-Las from LAHS
  6. Too Soon by Outtacontroller from Sure Thing
  7. Texas Drums Pt I & II by Pottery from Welcome To Bobby’s Motel
  8. Restored Reflection by Aura Zorba from Sweets Of Mars
  9. Teenage Hive by FACS from Void Moments
  10. Headfirst (It’s All Happening) by Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes from Fashion
  11. Reason by FOLLOW ME NOT from Vanishing Smile
  12. Long Long Long by BROKEN UP
  13. Thoughts and Prayers by Drive-By Truckers from The Unravelling