Departure 301

by markus | Playlists

  1. Give You Everything by Opus Orange from Miles from Nowhere
  2. Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus by The Strokes from The New Abnormal
  3. Acid Queen by When Autumn Calls from Soft Shake Compilation: Vol. 1
  4. Dying To Believe by The Beths from Jump Rope Gazers
  5. Dumbr Weakr Slowr by Skuldpadda from Commitment
  6. Printing Planets by West Coast Sick Line from Colour Climax
  7. I Gotta Move by Chickenstones from Lovelock Central
  8. Talking by Vinyl Staircase
  9. I Don’t Know by Circus Chaplains from Lovelock Central
  10. She’s There by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever from Sideways to New Italy
  11. Under The Wheels by In A State Of Flux
  12. Rotting Fruit by Masterpiece Machine
  13. See Me Go by Ancient Ethel from Lovelock Central
  14. No Fanfare by Youth Sector
  15. Twenty Somethin’ by Harts