Departure 305

by markus | Playlists

  1. Hawks by Lunar Twin from Ghost Moon Ritual
  2. Stop Pretending by Deep Sea Diver
  3. Red Western Sky by Muzz from Muzz
  4. Nothing at All by Perfume Genius from Set My Heart On Fire Immediately
  5. Waltz by SaltyatSociety
  6. Jesus Cocaine Ketamine Christ by Amos the Kid from Mountain View EP
  7. Desert Road by Moonshine Booze from Desert Road
  8. Lovely Desecration by Dustbowl from Stories, Bold & Untold
  9. Gimme Peace by Beaver & The Foghorns from Stories, Bold & Untold
  10. Family Fun by Mellah
  11. Breathe by Born Ruffians from Juice
  12. Take It Slow by Colony House from Leave What’s Lost Behind
  13. Talk by Gallus
  14. Generation Game by The Lounge Society
  15. Tomorrow by Firefriend