Departure 317

by markus | Playlists

  1. Long in the Tooth by The Budos Band from Long in the Tooth
  2. Långsam Död by Melody Fields from Broken Horse EP
  3. Paint It Green by The Asteroid No.4 from Northern Songs
  4. Recovery by Neighbourhood Void
  5. Chamberlain by The Persian Leaps from Smiling Lessons
  6. Summer Trope (feat. Pip Blom) by Surfer Blood from Carefree Theatre
  7. A Hymn by IDLES from Ultra Mono
  8. Get Outta My Brain by Cabbage from Amanita Pantherina
  9. The Pits by Jacuzzi Boys
  10. The Distance Between Left And Right by Asylums from Genetic Cabaret
  11. No Ties by Wax Chattels from Clot
  12. Mr. Prism by Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
  13. Be My Friend by The Goa Express
  14. The Greyhound by TRAAMS