Departure 323

by markus | Playlists

  1. Communication by Disq from Communication b/w Parallel
  2. Joyrider by Petite League
  3. Bury The Bones by Weep Wave
  4. Sleeptype Auction by Team Picture from The Menace Of Mechanical Music
  5. Sweet Freak by Frankie and the Witch Fingers from Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters …
  6. Sixteen Stares by Aidan Knight from Aidan Knight
  7. USAPSA by I Could Live In Hope from PSA, Not Ok EP
  8. Half Silences by Loma from Don’t Shy Away
  9. Introspection by POPULATION II from À la Ô Terre
  10. Sorry by Beabadoobee from Fake It Flowers
  11. This Island by TV Priest from Uppers
  12. Not In Time by Hot Snakes from Checkmate/Not in Time
  13. World Doesn’t Care by The Bullseyes from The Best of the Bullseyes
  14. Rona Pollona by Ghost of Vroom from Ghost of Vroom 2