Departure 351

by markus | Playlists

  1. Get Lost in the Music by Ambar Lucid from Get Lost in the Music
  2. Shoes Untied by Mango Furs
  3. Sunset by Jaguar Sun from Blooms
  4. Did It Cross Your Mind? by Camarano from Where Am I Now?
  5. Shine by ATRIA from Moonbrain
  6. Mine Forever by Lord Huron from Long Lost
  7. Feeler by No Age from Goons Be Gone
  8. Challenger Deep by Candy from A Pull To Heal
  9. Now That’s What I Call Freewave by of Montreal from I Feel Safe With You, Trash
  10. Kiss You On Your Way by RedDelicious from Things Fall Apart
  11. Teeth by Youth Sector
  12. SUPERNORMAL by Everything Everything
  13. Smile by Wolf Alice from Blue Weekend
  14. Bob Ross by Leeches from Easy