Departure 354

by markus | Playlists

  1. The Internet by Glüme from The Internet
  2. Never Here Always There by Keeley from Brave Warrior EP
  3. The Strain by KEYS from ‘And In the End…’
  4. sharp distance by citygirl from subversive to care
  5. The Right Thing Is Hard To Do by Lightning Bug from A Color of the Sky
  6. Don’t Go Puttin Wishes in My Head by TORRES from Thirstier
  7. O Nefoedd (O Heavens) by Bandicoot from ‘And In the End…’
  8. Twice Your Size by Declan McKenna from Zeros
  9. Blinding Lights by Crows from Group Therapy Vol. 2
  10. We Are Between by Modest Mouse from The Golden Casket
  11. Upside Down by Medusa’s Disco
  12. Death Of Magic by Last Victorian Death Squad from Just In Case I Never See You Again
  13. 2008 by CLEOPATRICK from BUMMER
  14. opening by deep sea research center from subversive to care