Departure 366

by markus | Playlists

  1. Queens by Aeon Station from Observatory
  2. Day & Age by PEAKES from Peripheral Figures
  3. Animal by Nax
  4. Zombies by Seasurfer from Zombies
  5. Kid Got Luck by The Microdance from Kid Got Luck/We are Made of Evil Things/Yo Yo @26.
  6. He Is Me by On Video
  7. Heave Ho! by Lips from I Don’t Know Why I Do Anything
  8. What If by Moonshine Booze from Pandemonio
  9. Go Get a Tattoo (feat Lynks) by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes from Sticky
  10. Strange Lights by Evolfo from Site Out Of Mind
  11. Bad Dream by Cannons
  12. Port by bdrmm
  13. Is Death The End? by The Bordellos from ‘And In the End…’ Help Musicians UK Charity Compilation
  14. The Mental Health Act by Suspects from The Mental Health Act EP
  15. Flashback Dynamic by Terrarium from Dear Charlie